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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2020
Season | Winter
Month | February
Upcoming Holiday:
<News> The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
Lore: Places EmptyThu Jan 23, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
January - 2020

General information
We are stoked to see new people have joined, and as a result we are working hard at making Kaleidoscope a better place. Over the coming month some changes might appear, but fear not, the lore and races already in …

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<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
Lore: Places EmptyThu Nov 07, 2019 9:41 pm by bels
Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
November - 2019

General information
A little late on the welcome, but this is the official notice that we're more than ready to take in newcomers. We have been working hard on setting up this page since last thursday and it's quite rewarding to know that we've managed …

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 Lore: Places

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Lore: Places Tumblr_oyx5704KJO1vcipm8o1_400

General information
- This is basically an easy overview of all of the places where you can make a topic.
- The same information written here is written under each forum, this is just to give a nice overlook if you are looking for a new place to make a topic.

Also called the city of magic, this place is regarded mostly as a sanctuary for people of different beliefs. The Woods of Ash take up most of this place, however the temples that have been risen are not for the Old Ones. Rather, there is a temple for each god or goddess of the pantheon. It is placed north of Churchill City.
Ancient temples
Each temple in this area is connected to one of the gods in the pantheon. It is a very sacred place, and not a place you would want to be caught at causing trouble.
- Temple of Faeth: The temple of the Fenix god, known for it's colorful display and constantly lit fires outside. The walls are white marble with black swirls and generally decorated with feather decor and fire emblems.
- Temple of Verity: A large golden temple is build in Verity's honor. It is said to have a white glowing cube inside that let's whomever looks into it, feel their soul purified. The temple is quite spacious, and has multiple levels going up to a large window that acts as the roof.
- Temple of Bael: On the outside, the temple looks dark and gloomy, and moving inside the walls are decorated with seraphim being tortured. Although it in height is not much of a looker, it's underground system is quite immaculate, and it is said only the high priest and Bael himself can navigate the lowest of levels.
- Temple of Koric: The temple of Koric is quite a humble size. Inside a large tree stands in the middle of it all, reminding the temple goers that they must not forget where they belong. It is decorated mostly with wooden decor, and has a constant smell of newly fallen dew.
- Temple of Justiae: The temple of Justiae might be the biggest temple of them all, however it is not tall in height. Along with the temple goes a tower having a large bell at the top. The bell only rings when Justiae herself is present at her temple. It's walls are mostly blank, letting the temple goers be reminded of the fact they came from nothing and that without their goddess, they would not exist.
- Temple of Isaec: The temple is purely decorated in grey decor, having a very empty feeling to it. Few people go here but the clergy to take care of the building itself. As a result of this, it feels quite damp walking in, almost like a looming raincloud following above.
- Temple of Caemille: Every brick of this temple is said to have been painted red by the blood of Caemille's unlucky victims. The scent going in is a sweet mixture of rose petals and fresh blood, making it nauseating to most non-vampyres. The decor is kept relatively gothic, dark red being the most prominent color, except for the giant mural depicting Caemille herself, all dressed in white.
Woods of Ash
A place lost to time, known as a sacred place for the believers in the Old Ones. The woods are said to constantly change place, making it an area never mapped, although it is said that it spreads several acres.
- The Hollow Tree: The Hollow Tree is a common ground for people of different faiths, joining together to give thanks to the Elders. An offering is placed inside the hole in the tree and if the Elders accept the offering, a leaf will fall upon the person giving the offer.
- The Misty Lake: In what is believed to be the middle of the Woods of Ash, lays a giant lake, constantly covered in mist. According to legend, a large creature resides at the bottom, and some speculate it was a failed experiment by the Elders that is now being hidden away.

Churchill City
Churchill city wasnt always seperated into different parts, but it happened after the first mayor election was made in which four competitors couldnt settle on handing the winner the rightful crown. The city was torn into districts where each mayor had their own fortune. The southern mayor decided to settle it once and for all, building a district in the center to mark his place as the rightful mayor. On top of that, he was already seeing potential in building down south, expanding his district further, but the construction was expensive and he soon lost more than he earned. The north only seemed to get richer and with his riches, he took over the central district and became leading mayor. From that day he overruled the 3 others titles and took over their districts. At least that is what people say when outsiders ask about how the north got so rich.
Nothern District
The rich part of Churchill City, here everything is tidy and neatly kept, it's where the rich go when they want their own house instead of living in apartments in the center. All houses look expensive, most of them are big villas or mansions. This District leads to Raleska where the temples have been for longer than anyone can remember.
Western District
Western part of Churchill is known for it's never ending festivities, clubs are open 24/7 for those wild party animals that never want to stop. Despite what people may think, people in this part behave nicely. Fights are kept at a minimum by the authorities and littering is not permitted. The streets are decorated nicely for every event that befalls the seasons. While most clubs are spread out throughout the district, there is a high concentration of clubs on a specific street that everyone in Churchill knows of; Rowhills. Heading further west leads to the seaside.
Central District
The Central district is among the most expensive places to live in, but as the core of the city, you can find cheap places to enjoy a meal or walk the streets to take in the beautiful scenery of the city. The streets are adorned with beautiful big trees that are nicely trimmed.
Eastern District
The Eastern part of Churcill is the more family friendly part of this big city. Many families reside here where they can take their kids to local schools around the area. This part is more secluded from the other districts to ensure the safety of children. Going further east, leads to the forest.
Southern District
This is the slum-part of the city, where the poor can live in their filth. Authorities roam here often, making most troublemakers seek to take their criminal behaviour to the blocks, that lay further south from this district. There is a lot of cheap apartments to live in here, but most of the areas are considered to be ghetto.

The blocks
The blocks are known as a failed attempt at expanding Churchill City. What is left is mostly ruins or unfinished buildings, however a large amount of people have found a place to live here. It's a perfect playground for criminals and lowlives.
Building blocks
The building blocks are what the blocks consist most off, and where it get's it's name. It was an area meant for large houses and extravagant neighborhoods, but for some unknown reason the project was cancelled, leaving the city unfinished. There are a few buildings standing, some even being rented out, but it is highly unusual to be living in this part of the blocks.
The Old Mill
The Old Mill is a tavern, raised among the crumblings of the building blocks surrounding its outsides. In here you can get a room for the night, get something to eat or simply have a pint with a stranger.
The waste is a nickname for an area where most homeless people reside. It is known as drug filled, making it a nice playground for dealers and such.

Isle of Red
The Isle of Red is a rather large island in the middle of the Red Sea. No-one really lives there except for wild animals, however it is a popular place to visit for teenagers that want to hang out. It is filled with red sand, covering most of the ground, except for few greens such as grass and simple trees.
Tower of the Elders
-It is said it is where the Elders reside when they do not have any judgements to pass. The tower is quite large, but no one has ever dared to go inside this holy place and it is reserved strictly for priests and priestesses.
An ancient castle residing on the northernmost part of the Isle of Red. Nobody knows the story of the large fast hold, but it is said to always have light lit in the top of its towers. Some legends say that it was where Faeth was once birthed in to existence, others claim that it was a failed building project by some of the first created races.
Burnth Forrest
The burnt forrest is a gathering of mostly burned woods. It is said to still be smoke coming from the ground, and it is also the only place where you can find the wood to make stakes that can kill vampyres.

Other areas

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Lore: Places
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