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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2021
Season | Spring
Month | April

Upcoming Holiday:

World Event:
A Rift in Dimensions
<News> Happy Easter and a Couple of Updates!
Kingston [NPC] EmptyMon Apr 05, 2021 12:35 pm by bels
Happy Easter and a Couple of Updates!
April - 2021

General information
First of all, happy easter for those who celebrate! Though we'll all be celebrating differently, we'd like to wish you a good time either way. 2021 has now had it's first three months, and as we are now entering …

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<News> Finishing Off the Year & Upcoming World Event
Kingston [NPC] EmptySun Dec 20, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
Finishing Off the Year & Upcoming World Event
December - 2020

General information
With the year of 2020 nearing its end, we thought it would be optimal to do a small round-up of how the year has been, what has happened and unveil some plans for the future. 2020 has for many been …

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<News> Important activity notice and a few changes!
Kingston [NPC] EmptySat Sep 05, 2020 3:04 pm by bels
Important activity notice and a few changes
September - 2020

General information
Oh me oh my, what a few months this has been! The world feels like it has been turned upside down, but we are still here. First off we would like to apologize for what might seem as a lack of visibility …

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<News> Reworked and an Expansion!
Kingston [NPC] EmptyTue May 19, 2020 9:38 pm by bels
Reworked and an Expansion!
May - 2020

General information
Our rework is mostly over! A few pieces might still be missing, but we are hoping to catch them as they appear. Despite what people might think of admins, we are not all knowing and all seeing (lol). However we hope that this …

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<News> Time for a Change!
Kingston [NPC] EmptyTue May 05, 2020 3:56 pm by bels
Time for a Change!
May - 2020

General information
Kaleidoscope has now been live for five months in total. We are very pleased to see some newcomers, and yet we feel like we haven't fleshed out the world as we had intended originally.
In the coming month there will be some drastic …

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 Kingston [NPC]

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Full name : Cain Hyde
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PostSubject: Kingston [NPC]   Kingston [NPC] EmptyThu Mar 11, 2021 12:37 am

NPC will primarily be used by (Tag your main character):@Cain

Kingston [NPC] 7aa585a112b0205581af7fa95726b71e
Name: Kingston
Age: Hidden
Race: Pureblood Daemon
Residence: Paesan
Abilities: Race abilities

Personality: Dominating - Persuasive - Enigmatic - Arrogant - Calculating - Brutal

Looks: Dresses for the most part in formal wear but never new and fancy, all of it is very well worn with tears and stains. Being a very active person he has little body fat and is immensely athletically built. His hair dark with a few grey strands and is usually kept with a mix of slicked back and wild/free. Wide grin, angry or emotionless are his most common faces.
Story: Kingston is ancient but most of his past is hidden and the people that knew something are either dead or too big of a player for him to make a move, like the oldest daemons in the big bloodlines. And because of this, people only know and call him by his last name, assuming that is real. There is a long standing rumour that he is a descendent of Azazel, slaughterer of seraphim, it's not specified how closely he is and he has never confirmed nor denied the rumour, and no one knows where it came from, some people think he started it himself ages ago for appearances sake but none of them has ever brought it up to his face. His gang has influence in a lot of places, the biggest operations being in Paesan, Russia, North America and Churchill. He has moved back and forth for business sake but his home as always been Paesan, living in the city before it was destroyed he would love to see it restored to its former glory, but he never saw it as his responsibility to do anything about it. He learned to stay under the radar to avoid catching the eyes of any god or godlike beings, spreading his business out on the world on humans that could never pose a threat. It's not like he is afraid of conflict, him and his gang has killed many opposing gangs and creatures of all kind that get in his way, he just makes it a point to avoid headlines.

He either has, or had a hand in everything around him, that mixed with his long lifetime has collected a lot of information for him, dealings with cults, gangs, corporations and royal bloodlines has helped him get ahead quite a lot, but he makes sure to never get into any sides. As examples he could use his human trafficking to get √Član vital people, but never leaving evidence of the transaction. Same with helping cults with rituals or resources for them, but if they get discovered or assaulted, he was never there. After getting to the place his gang is at the moment, he mostly chases things that will stimulate him, like women, drugs and violence, while slowly expanding his empire. The people in his gang are all treated with the same respect and the goods are very generously shared, but with a zero tolerance for disobedience. If a member betrays the gang or dares to question him will make him torture them followed by eating their soul, denying them the afterlife, similar to how he treats the seraphim, and because of that he has no fear of Bael's wrath, seeing as he is doing exactly what his creator made him for. It's said that he has become more ruthless over the last few years.

Extra: Their business involves extortion, gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking, human trafficking among other illegal activities. They also have ties in legit businesses, but its more to hide and help push their criminal ones, like banking, property development etc.

Kingston [NPC] KVWoHqq

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Kingston [NPC]
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