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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2020
Season | Winter
Month | February
Upcoming Holiday:
<News> The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
Lore: Timeline EmptyThu Jan 23, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
January - 2020

General information
We are stoked to see new people have joined, and as a result we are working hard at making Kaleidoscope a better place. Over the coming month some changes might appear, but fear not, the lore and races already in …

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<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
Lore: Timeline EmptyThu Nov 07, 2019 9:41 pm by bels
Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
November - 2019

General information
A little late on the welcome, but this is the official notice that we're more than ready to take in newcomers. We have been working hard on setting up this page since last thursday and it's quite rewarding to know that we've managed …

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 Lore: Timeline

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PostSubject: Lore: Timeline   Lore: Timeline EmptyFri Nov 01, 2019 11:27 am

Lore: Timeline Tumblr_oce6715VJO1rut1rdo2_500
Know the past to figure out the future

General information
- The timeline is split in what is known as "before human arrival" (BH) and "after human arrival" (AH)

4000 BH -- Gambion is created by the Elders, and the world is filled with animals and plants.
3980 BH -- The Elders create Justiae, Caemille and Koric.
3975 BH -- Feath appears for the first time, bonds with Koric.
3950 BH -- Bael and Verity are born to Justiae.
3850 BH -- The native humans of Gambion are created by the Elders.
3800 BH -- The gods and goddesses of the pantheon start creating their own beings.
3500 BH -- First society is formed in what is to be Churchill.
3000 BH -- A giant war between daemons and seraphim commences.
2000 BH -- The war ends, however neither party wins; It is Justiae who stops her children from destroying the world.
1980 BH -- The temples of  Raleska are built.
1500 BH -- Bael experiments with different types of daemons
1000 BH -- Verity retaliates and creates counters of seraphim to the daemons that Bael created.
800 BH -- A war is fought between Bael and Verity, however it is short lived and many lose their lives with no real resolution.
500 BH -- The races start migrating to the rest of the world, setting up small colonies as far as Russia.
0 AH -- The portal opens and humans from another world comes through, along with Isaec, whom Caemille bonds with.
100 AH -- The mythical family Nereida takes their seat as the royals of the kingdom of Kaleidoscope and the Red Isle.
350 AH --
2019 AH -- Now
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Lore: Timeline
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