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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2022
Season | Summer
Month | June

Upcoming Holiday:

World Event:
<News> Total layout overhaul!
Lucius Trevino [NPC] EmptySun Jun 19, 2022 6:14 pm by bels
Total layout overhaul!
June - 2022

General information
My my my, here we are again. We apologize for the radio silence, but as life has been keeping both admins busy like bees, we are happy to finally write a small news update for you. Things are happening on our small site, and we …

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<News> Activity Check and In-Game News!
Lucius Trevino [NPC] EmptyTue Dec 14, 2021 5:00 pm by bels
Activity Check and In-Game News!
December - 2021

General information
It is time once again for some news. The year is coming to an end and what a year it has been! We've held our first world event, welcomed new and old players and seen as your creativity has sprung freely in the …

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<News> End of Event - What’s Next?
Lucius Trevino [NPC] EmptyTue Sep 21, 2021 11:19 am by bels
What's Next?
September - 2021

General information
Wow, has it really been 5 months since our last news update? Well Summer has come and gone, and today we close up the world event that has been running since December of last year. But with the event ending we are now faced with the …

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<News> Happy Easter and a Couple of Updates!
Lucius Trevino [NPC] EmptyMon Apr 05, 2021 12:35 pm by bels
Happy Easter and a Couple of Updates!
April - 2021

General information
First of all, happy easter for those who celebrate! Though we'll all be celebrating differently, we'd like to wish you a good time either way. 2021 has now had it's first three months, and as we are now entering …

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<News> Finishing Off the Year & Upcoming World Event
Lucius Trevino [NPC] EmptySun Dec 20, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
Finishing Off the Year & Upcoming World Event
December - 2020

General information
With the year of 2020 nearing its end, we thought it would be optimal to do a small round-up of how the year has been, what has happened and unveil some plans for the future. 2020 has for many been …

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 Lucius Trevino [NPC]

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Full name : Kurtis Trevino
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PostSubject: Lucius Trevino [NPC]   Lucius Trevino [NPC] EmptySat Nov 06, 2021 1:56 am

NPC will primarily be used by (Tag your main character): @Kurtis
NPC can appear in topics with (Tag your other characters if needed): @Eden @Jeremy

Name: Lucius Trevino
Age: 124 (Like 60'ies in appearance)
Race: Lycan
Residence: Churchill Northern
Abilities (If any, has to be approved by admins): Nothing except regular lycan abilities.
Mother and father: Mrs. and Mr. Trevino
Sister: Chiara Trevino-Altera
Nephew: Romeo Trevino-Altera
Wife: Alexis Trevino
Son: Kurtis Trevino

Personality: Cruel - Cunning - Dominant - Assertive - Heavily impacted by own views.
Looks: Silver fox kind of look, though it is rather apparent that the lycan is nearing his older years. Bears the typical "Trevino" look with hazel eyes and black hair, with olive skin. Wears suits and formal clothes always, while his stature is on point. His expression is always rather serious, wrinkles have formed after years of frowns and furrowed brows. However he radiates a serious energy.
Story: Grown up in Italy with his sister and huge family but wanted something a bit more than what was offered by staying in Italy. He had a big vision of expanding his family's firm and branch out to become a huge corporation. He moved to Churchill when he was 50 and worked pretty hard for Trevino to earn a rep in the business world. He eventually married Alexis and eventually they had Kurtis, though it is unknown whether the young lycan is actually Lucius' son or not.
Extra: Owns Trevino INC in Churchill.
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Lucius Trevino [NPC]
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