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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2020
Season | Autumn
Month | October
Upcoming Holiday:
Tending days / Halloween
<News> Important activity notice and a few changes!
<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! EmptySat Sep 05, 2020 3:04 pm by bels
Important activity notice and a few changes
September - 2020

General information
Oh me oh my, what a few months this has been! The world feels like it has been turned upside down, but we are still here. First off we would like to apologize for what might seem as a lack of visibility …

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<News> Reworked and an Expansion!
<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! EmptyTue May 19, 2020 9:38 pm by bels
Reworked and an Expansion!
May - 2020

General information
Our rework is mostly over! A few pieces might still be missing, but we are hoping to catch them as they appear. Despite what people might think of admins, we are not all knowing and all seeing (lol). However we hope that this …

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<News> Time for a Change!
<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! EmptyTue May 05, 2020 3:56 pm by bels
Time for a Change!
May - 2020

General information
Kaleidoscope has now been live for five months in total. We are very pleased to see some newcomers, and yet we feel like we haven't fleshed out the world as we had intended originally.
In the coming month there will be some drastic …

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<News> New Race, Future Plans and an IRL Update!
<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! EmptyFri Apr 10, 2020 6:53 pm by bels
New race, future plans and an IRL update!
April - 2020

General information
We are now in the fourth month of this year, and we are excited for the future. While the world right now might not seem as ideal as it was last time we posted a news update, we hope that everyone is happy and …

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<News> The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! EmptyThu Jan 23, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
January - 2020

General information
We are stoked to see new people have joined, and as a result we are working hard at making Kaleidoscope a better place. Over the coming month some changes might appear, but fear not, the lore and races already in …

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 <News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN!

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<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! Empty
PostSubject: <News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN!   <News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN! EmptyThu Nov 07, 2019 9:41 pm

Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
November - 2019

General information
A little late on the welcome, but this is the official notice that we're more than ready to take in newcomers. We have been working hard on setting up this page since last thursday and it's quite rewarding to know that we've managed to make up a good start for future members of this page.

Welcome to Gambion
So to sum up to the best of my ability, I'll make a short "this is how our setting is"-kinda thing.

Gambion is a self-made world set in a modern time just like our own. We've chosen to make our own world as it just seemed like a better take on forming this universe to every little detail that we wanted in order. The time is set after after human arrival because it all revolves around these humans arriving to this world of different species as their own world earth was destroyed by their own greed. It's been 554 years after the humans arrived to Gambion, and the question really is: How well have they adapted to this new world that looks exactly like their own to every little detail? Have they integrated to this new society and how has society received them? It's all up to you.

We've made 7 playable races for you to pick between and if those dont match your wants and needs, then we have a custom special race where you can form and apply to have it added as a playable. If that seems rather complicated and you'd rather want something in between, there's also a good old hybrid race where you can mix and match two races together to form them around just your character.

I'll keep this as short as I can though, so without further ado, I advise you to read through the rules of our page, skim the guides and read as much as you'd like to indulge into the scenery that we've painted.

As always
Send your faceclaims to @bels. We hope to see you play.

@bels and @Andy.
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<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
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