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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2022
Season | Summer
Month | June

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<News> Total layout overhaul!
Rare race: Fayes EmptySun Jun 19, 2022 6:14 pm by bels
Total layout overhaul!
June - 2022

General information
My my my, here we are again. We apologize for the radio silence, but as life has been keeping both admins busy like bees, we are happy to finally write a small news update for you. Things are happening on our small site, and we …

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Rare race: Fayes EmptyTue Dec 14, 2021 5:00 pm by bels
Activity Check and In-Game News!
December - 2021

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It is time once again for some news. The year is coming to an end and what a year it has been! We've held our first world event, welcomed new and old players and seen as your creativity has sprung freely in the …

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Rare race: Fayes EmptyTue Sep 21, 2021 11:19 am by bels
What's Next?
September - 2021

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Wow, has it really been 5 months since our last news update? Well Summer has come and gone, and today we close up the world event that has been running since December of last year. But with the event ending we are now faced with the …

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Rare race: Fayes EmptyMon Apr 05, 2021 12:35 pm by bels
Happy Easter and a Couple of Updates!
April - 2021

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First of all, happy easter for those who celebrate! Though we'll all be celebrating differently, we'd like to wish you a good time either way. 2021 has now had it's first three months, and as we are now entering …

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<News> Finishing Off the Year & Upcoming World Event
Rare race: Fayes EmptySun Dec 20, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
Finishing Off the Year & Upcoming World Event
December - 2020

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With the year of 2020 nearing its end, we thought it would be optimal to do a small round-up of how the year has been, what has happened and unveil some plans for the future. 2020 has for many been …

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 Rare race: Fayes

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PostSubject: Rare race: Fayes   Rare race: Fayes EmptySun Jan 17, 2021 11:44 pm

Rare race: Fayes 8e6387c573b4427f19ab56fc52e36fc604c57ebf
Alignment to an element is fundamental
Moderated by: @Andy

General information
- Fayes originate from the world called Ethereal Reach by outsiders, but to the faye it is the world of Thraie, a magnificent world of crystals and filled with magical properties.
- While the world of Thraie is filled with different fayes, it is not the sole inhabitants.
- The faye are often mistaken for fairies, however fairies are a different species in Thraie, and they are quite vile creatures. It can therefor be assumed that being called a fairy might be seen as an insult.

- A faye is a mythical creature that has some sort of belonging to an element (air, earth, water, fire), however sometimes classification can be difficult.
- It is possible for fayes to intermingle and create sub-hybrids that might belong to both air and water, being able to create storms.
- They don't worship any of the gods, but instead believe in a different set of dieties. Not much is known about them, but their names Solaithe and Leunaithe.

Clans, cults and groups
- Different tribes all over the Ethereal Reach, however most tribe is divided into their specific elemental alignment. The different tribe leaders come together to vote for the next monarch when the previous one has died.

Creation lore
- Written down account by the air faye Búi Dagrún:
Solaithe and Leunaithe were sisters. During the days they would swim in the Northern Seas and during the nights they would explore the Southern Desert. However soon they stumbled upon a small crystal. It was clear, rather heavy, and as Solaithe touched it, it lit up as if by the sun above. However when Leunaithe touched it, it stopped shining, turning dull and grey. The sisters were confused, but agreed that Solaithe would hold on to the crystal and protect it.
- Further writings by the air faye  Egille Geir:
On a rainy night the sisters were huddled up in a grotto, holding each other to keep warm as the crystal fell out of Solaithe's pocket. Leunaithe picked it up, but in the darkness of the rain, the crystal responded to her touch, lighting up, albeit rather dimly. The sisters found that the crystal reacted differently to them depending on whether the sun or moon was out. From now on the sisters decided to take turns safekeeping the crystal; Solaithe by day and Leunaithe by night.
- Writings by air faye  Búi Dagrún:
Day and night, Solaithe and Leunaithe, light and darkness. Everything was separated into two. However balance was not easy to maintain, and the crystal seemed to grow weary. One day Leunaithe decided to crack the crystal in two, and out sprung a great ether, and from that ether the elements spread all over Thraie. The seasons became defined and new crystals came forward. Not only that, but more lifeforms seemed to join Luenaithe and Solaithe in the world. Strange creatures that appeared close to the elements of the words; These they named the fayes.
The two sisters became like motherly figures for the fayes, taking care of them, showing them how the world worked. Solaithe watched over them by day and Leunaithe watched over them by night. However soon enough the two sisters knew their task was done, and as they reunited the broken crystal, they disappeared.

- Pregnancy: A faye pregnancy is often a time of celebration, the pregnancy lasts for around 7-8 months, but it is not uncommon that some faye are born earlier.
- As a child: As children the faye are rather fragile, in their first couple of years they are often secluded from the rest of the population until they have had their elemental awakening.
- As a teenager: Getting in to their teenage years it is seen as a time of exploration. Often they are encouraged to get in touch with the element in them, spend time with other fayes like them (even if they are not biologically related).
- As an adult: At the age of 18 a faye are allowed to choose whether they wish to remain in their tribe or move to one that might fit their element more. The decision is often final, but visiting ones family is permitted.
- Death: In death they return to the ether of life from which they originate, returning to energy that might manifest itself in the world once more.

- Hair: Their hair, no matter the color, is said to have flakes of golden specs that always catch the light.
- Eyes: A fayes eyes often reflect the element they are aligned with, so red or golden for fire, blue or turquoise for water, brown or green for earth and grey or white for air.
- Blood: Their blood, no matter their alignment, is said to be a silvery and shimmery liquid that supposedly taste good for all that taste. It has healing properties.
- Wings: Most fayes have wings that they can hide under their skin when not in use, leaving a beautiful outline on their back, almost like a silver tattoo. They are able to use it for flight, but in the faye community it is seen more as a beauty aspect than anything.

- While fayes like being around each other, they are often rather curious creatures that like to venture outside of the group. This can make them an easy target.
- Despite being curious, they are more than capable of defending themselves, however most see themselves as pacifists.
- Even though they might subscribe to an element, that does not mean they are unknowledgeable about other elements. They can even intermingle and create hybrid elemental fayes.

- Strong connection to their aligned element.
- They can specialize in something specific within their element; for example an water faye can specialize in healing and potions while an earth faye might specialize in fertilizing land for a vital crop.
- They have a rather long lifespan, however how long is unknown, some say forever, but fayes have been noted to die of old age.

- Often seen as gullible, and would rather solve things with words than with fists.
- While they are capable of protecting themselves, they won't do it unless they are close to death, and even then it might be too late, leading to an early grave.
- To avoid dying of old age they must part take in a ritual each year at the start of Spring to keep themselves young. Failing to participate render them weak, and they might age several years within that one year.

Rare race: Fayes Fairy-5228739_1280
Air fayes

General information
- The air element represents the power of the mind. It brings imagination and inspiration, new ideas and visionary leadership. It is the element of travel and communication. Therefore it should come as no surprise that most air fayes are rather talkative and charismatic.
- It should also be noted that most royals are chosen amongst the air fayes throughout the history of Ethereal Reach.

- They always thrive among other people and are very charismatic by nature.
- Air fayes are by far the most well read of the fayes, having a special interest in reading and writing along with cultures.

- If they are not well aware of their own behavior they might come across as aloof.
- They do not thrive well being tied to a place, they need to have the freedom to travel at any moment, even if they don't plan to. Restrictions are their greatest enemy.

- Aventurine, Opal, Tiger's eye, Mica, Topaz, White Fluorite, Turquoise.

Race ability
- Air Crystals: Using crystals and stones of the Air element is greatly used by the air fayes for all sorts of things, included but limited to things as: enhance your intellectual abilities; develop inspiration; improve memory; improve communication; expand awareness; bring up new possibilities.

Rare race: Fayes 34535310
Rare race: Fayes Art-nouveau-5318256_1280
Fire fayes

General information
- The element of Fire can both create and destroy. It is an active element. Whenever the world needs a transformation to happen, to destroy the old and make room for the new, this element may be of assistance.
- Whenever a fire faye has been a ruler there has been a great shift in how things were done. This has often come about due to an unfit ruler and a subsequent revolution.

- They thrive in warm conditions, whether it be great comforting company or the weather.
- They are among the greatest fighters of the fayes, but they more so focus on strengthening their auras and minds.

- They don't seem to like the cold weather, and on a cold day they would rather stay in and work on meditation.
- Sometimes they might come across as rather fiery and with strong personalities to match, which might cause problems in making alliances.

- Amber, Apache Tear, Citrine, Carnelian, Ruby, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Flint, Sardonyx, Red Tourmaline, Sunstone, Spinel, Sulfur.

Race ability
- Fire Crystals: Using crystals and stones of the fire element is greatly used by the fire fayes for all sorts of things, included but limited to things as: increase energy; increase vital power; awakened enthusiasm; protect your aura; fight against psychic attacks; strengthen your will; perform purification.

Rare race: Fayes Fairy-5138609_1280
Earth fayes

General information
- Earth is the principle element of the body. It is the realm of prosperity, abundance, and growth. Earth fayes are rather grounded, they enjoy a simple life and most are farmers or work with livestock.
- Most earth fayes live by the notion that they shouldn't aim for a higher living. They enjoy the simple things, and are often considered very much in touch with the world of Ethereal Reach.

- They are extremely fortunate creatures, often seen as very lucky, but that does not mean they do not work hard.
- Their ways with farming and livestock is baffling to the other fayes that rely heavily on the earth tribes for food.

- Being cut off from nature can be outright harmful for them, and when they feel low in energy they might seek out to a forest near them.
- They thrive best in known areas to them such as their home.

- Agate, Moss Agate, Calcite, Diamond, Emerald, Jasper, Jet, Malachite, Onyx, Black Tourmaline.

Race ability
- Earth Crystals: Using crystals and stones of the Earth element is greatly used by the earth fayes for all sorts of things, included but limited to things as: ground your energy; center and stabilize your energy; protect your energy field; attract money; gain strength; attract success; improve fertility; grow plants, etc.

Rare race: Fayes 34535310
Rare race: Fayes Fairy-5237772_1280
Water fayes

General information
- Water is the basis of all life. It has cleansing and healing properties. Water is also the fundamental force behind our emotions, including love and friendship. Therefore it should come as no surprise that most water fayes are very excellent healers.
- They are often seen as great advisors along with doctors of all kinds.

- Water fayes are well known as peacemakers, often very good at making new friends and keeping them.
- They are among the most spiritual of the fayes, and while they do not have an organized religion, it is widely accepted that water fayes are rather knowledgeable about anything related to the gods.

- They don't seem to do well in big crowds of people, despite being great at making a lot of friends, they tend to like more peaceful activities.
- They are very affected by the alignments of the planets, moons and suns of Thraie.

- Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Coral, Mother-of-pearl, Lapis lazuli, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Pearl, Blue and Pink Tourmaline, Sapphire, Selenite, Sodalite.

Race ability
- Water Crystals: Using crystals and stones of the Water element is greatly used by the water fayes for all sorts of things, included but limited to things as: induce healing; make peace with somebody; make new friends; perform purification; induce peace; expand universal love; induce lucid dreams; practice divination; increase intuition.
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Rare race: Fayes
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