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World Information
World Name | Gambion
Period | Modern
Year | 2020
Season | Spring
Month | March
Upcoming Holiday:
<News> The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
Race: Mythicals EmptyThu Jan 23, 2020 5:58 pm by bels
The Pipes, Royals and Clans, oh my!
January - 2020

General information
We are stoked to see new people have joined, and as a result we are working hard at making Kaleidoscope a better place. Over the coming month some changes might appear, but fear not, the lore and races already in …

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<News> Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
Race: Mythicals EmptyThu Nov 07, 2019 9:41 pm by bels
Kaleidoscope is OPEN!
November - 2019

General information
A little late on the welcome, but this is the official notice that we're more than ready to take in newcomers. We have been working hard on setting up this page since last thursday and it's quite rewarding to know that we've managed …

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 Race: Mythicals

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Race: Mythicals Empty
PostSubject: Race: Mythicals   Race: Mythicals EmptyThu Jan 23, 2020 5:37 pm

Race: Mythicals Giphy
Born to rule

General information
- While all mythicals are said to be very beautiful, they can be just as haunting to look at if they are angry.
- They were created with the help from a member of each race, meaning they don't submit to a god or goddess.
- Though they were created to rule, no mythical have shown a want to do so.
- Getting crowned as a king or queen takes away a mythical's immortality, and is seen as an honor to lay down your life for the kingdom.

- While a mythical is immortal, once they take the title of queen or king, they become mortal, only living around 100-150 years from that point on.
- They have literal blue blood in their veins, which makes them easy to spot if injured.
- They are said to be very aesthetically pleasing, like a creature taken straight from fairytales.

Clans, cults and groups
- Royal family - [Not claimed]
- Royal guard - [Not claimed]
- X

Creation lore
- With all of the previous races created the gods and goddesses sat back, looking at what they had made. However while some thought war would be the easiest way to play around with these new creations, a few wanted peace. According to an old legend, the mythicals were created by the strongest of each already existing race. From the lycans they got their empathy, and from the vampyres the mythicals got their beauty. The seraphim gifted the mythicals with knowledge, but the daemons gifted them with hatred. The humans gifted them their survival instinct, and the clergy had seen the hatred that the daemons had gifted, and made sure that it would never cloud their logical judgement. Lastly was the fenix gift, a gift of immortality, but with its limit being that any of the mythical bearing a crown would lose that immortality and focus on living a shorter life but with a better understanding of the previous gifts. Their gods looked on as the mythicals were created, and with the blessing form the Old Ones, life was breathed in to their bodies. Hereby the mythicals were created.
- However their creation did not come without hardships. The world was full of war, blood filling the streets and peace was a long forgotten thought. The mythicals were encouraged to sit on the throne, to bring peace and prosperity, but how could you do that, when the rest of the world was not keen on such ideals? While the mythicals never partook in much fighting, unless necessary, they did manage to outsmart other armies, using their racial abilities to their advantage. Negotiations were a common practice, and often ended rather well. After battling many wars, it seemed like the majority was in favor of one family in particular; the Nereida family. The Nereida's were a family linked back to some of the first created mythicals, and they were seen as those whom would fit the task of ruling.

- Pregnancy: A pregnancy with a mythical child is often quite longer, usually around fourteen or fifteen months. The pregnancy itself can be quite hard on the mother, needing a lot of attention to health.
- As a child: A child mythical is usually quite weak, often kept away from being around outsiders. It is said that the first ten years of a mythicals life is in the hand of the gods, as mortality rates are pretty high.
- As a teenager: Around the age of fifteen, a large party is held in honor of not only the child becoming a member of society, but to celebrate the life that lays ahead of the mythical. It is also around here where their immortal gene kicks in.
- As an adult: As adult, a mythical prefer being around their own kind. They are often high members of society, living in good areas of cities, having a good amount of wealth.
- Death: While a mythical is immortal, the child mortality rate is rather high. Despite the mythicals not being created by any gods, they are still put on trial upon death. Most children that die do not have to defend their actions, they are sent directly to the good place, as no child is born evil.

- Blood: Their blood is blue, but does not posses any special power that is known.
- Ears: They have pointy ears like an elf.
- Teeth: Their teeth are serrated all around, suggesting they mainly eat raw meat, or at least used to.

- All mythical seem to display a high intelligence, often being very logical even in tight situations.
- While they are a proud people, they also understand their role in society, and none have displayed a hunger for power.
- A mythical is generally driven by peace, wanting all the races to live together in unison, without war and bloodshed.

- Due to the mythicals being made from different aspects of all species under the new gods, these creatures do not belong to any god.
- Since they don't belong to any god, their sense of judgement is based on each individual, whereas other species are known to follow their god's will. Mythicals have their own moral code to follow, which can change from each to their own.
- In common for all mythicals is the fact that they are persistent.
- Once they reach their late teenage years, their immortal gene kicks in, and are able to possibly live forever.

- The child mortality rate are rather high, and the young ones are prone to sickness.
- A mythical easily detected because of their looks, so hiding among the general population is not really a choice.
- They are known to be very self-sacrificing by nature, often being very brave in tough situations.
- While they are immortal beings, they have a rather weak immune system, often getting sick if not careful.
- With their main focus on maintaining peace, it can cause them to be blind in the pursuit of it, which can result in them becoming twisted.

Race abilities
- Nature Awareness: They can sense nature and the environment, including plant life, animals, environments, weather conditions and natural disasters.
- Hope Aura: They can generate an aura of hope that can amplify/induce belief on beings inside their aura and gain power from the emotions.
- Serene Combat: The user can infuse tranquility with physical combat, allowing them to fight smoothly, gracefully and fluently while maintaining a peaceful state of mind and spirit.
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Race: Mythicals
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